Finding Atlantis is the first novel in the duology series, Daughter of a Lost City.

Alexandria is one of the leading historians in her field. While she is renowned for her intellect, she is also foolishly searching for the lost city of Atlantis. With the help of a wealthy benefactor, Alexandria takes her search across the globe. The journey will undoubtably be dangerous. Will she find what she is looking for or perhaps something more?

Calliope is an Atlantean with very powerful connections. She loves her country and her people above all else but is quickly growing to love another just as much. This is not the match her parents, nor the Gods, would have for her. Now, Calliope must choose between duty and heart or is it possible for her to have both?

Husband and Wife Duo

Samantha Alexander is actually two people, wife and husband. Both  of us have always wanted to write novels on our own and I finally convinced my husband to co-write with me. It has been a wonderful journey and we are extremely proud of our debut novel. So far the hardest part was coming up with a pen name that would fit for the both of us. We were struggling until a friend suggested the use of both of our first names. It was perfect. Some might wonder, "How does co-writing with your spouse work?" Well my husband, Alex, likes to say that it is like a paint by numbers. I construct the paint by numbers and he colors it in. 


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